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Q     Who is CompuThon?
A     CompuThon is a registered Florida corporation  specializing in personal, professional service. CompuThon has conducted thousands of successful SuperThons for numerous schools, little leagues, church groups, youth football and soccer leagues as well as adult groups. CompuThon has nearly 20 years experience organizing and running successful SuperThons.

Q     How do we begin a SuperThon?
A     Contact CompuThon and our representatives will provide you with all the details to help you choose a SuperThon that meets your needs.

Q     How long does a SuperThon take to Implement?
A     Usually from 2 to 4 weeks. However, a longer time is preferable in order to plan your event as well as possible.

Q     Who can participate?
A     Anyone. Thatís what makes a SuperThon so terrific.

SuperThons are not athletic or endurance events.  SuperThons are fun for everyone.

Q     What about prize incentives for the participants?
A     CompuThon has a tremendous list of prizes that anyone can win, including custom printed T-shirts. Prizes are based upon the amounts raised and/or the number of sponsors. To win, a participant simply reaches the goals listed on the prize chart.

Q     How much money can we expect to raise?
A     Results depend on the number of participants. The more participants you have, the more money you can raise. Groups using our program can easily generate pledges from $50 to over $100 per participant.

Q     How much of the total pledges are usually collected?
A     Generally 70-90% of all pledges are collected, thanks to CompuThonís fast, unique personalized collections.

Q     How much profit can we expect to make?
A     Most groups earn between 55%-70% profit after paying for CompuThonís services. Our unique pricing method helps control your costs and increase your profits. Our charges are for printing, postage and computer services.

Q     Canít we do this on our own and save all the costs?
A     Sure you could. But wouldnít you rather earn more money without all the work, hassle and aggravation? Not sure ó Call us and weíll put you in touch with many groups that switched from "on your own thons" to a SuperThon because SuperThons are easier, simpler and raise more money.

Q    Aren't there other walkathon companies?
A     Sure, there's a few out there.  We're the folks that literally "invented" walkathon fundraising programs for schools and youth groups.  We pioneered it, and now we're perfecting it.  We're doing things the other guy hasn't even thought of yet.  SuperThons are simply a superior programs.

Here are a few examples:

Our sponsor bills get mailed in 5 to 7 days after your event  (the other guys take 3 to 4 weeks).  The faster sponsors receive their bills, the quicker sponsors pay, and the fewer follow-up bills are needed.

Our average group makes about 10+% more profit (we charge less), and we do three sponsor mailings (3 work better than 2).   We do three mailings for less than what the other guy charges for two.

We send you a check and a report every two weeks.  The other guys make you wait 8 to 10++ weeks for a check.  No one gets your group your money faster than we do.

We provide 4 different "go home" parent/child advance and results letters and 12 different reports detailing your SuperThon.  Plus we process all sponsor payments the same day (the other guys take 5 to 7 days).

Last, but not least, our SuperThon "pep rally" get the kids, teachers and parents pumped.  We know how to maximize your group's participation.  The final "icing on the SuperThon cake" is your SuperThon day.  It's simply a great day, and no one can match the event we stage for you.

It really makes a difference to use the best, and SuperThons are the best!!!





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