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. . . . . How It Works . . . . .

SuperThon Sponsor Pledge Drive:

Students secure pledges for approximately two weeks prior to your SuperThon.    Participants ask as many people as they can to sponsor a certain amount of money per lap completed during a specified time period.    Sign-up as many sponsors as you can.

For example, a walk-a-thon sponsor may pledge 35 per lap for each lap the participant completes during the time period. Twenty-five (25) laps around the 200 yard track yields a $8.75 sponsor pledge.

The SuperThon:

SuperThons are generally walk/jog-a-thons.  The SuperThon is held at school on a school day, during school time.   Participants, walk or jog as many laps as they can around a 200 yard course for 1 hour.    Everyone can participate.

Each participant tries to complete as many laps as possible with as many sponsors as he can get. SuperThons are not races or endurance contests. Music, excitement, refreshments and fun make your SuperThon a great day.


After Your SuperThon: 

After your SuperThon, CompuThon takes over.  Participants do not collect money.  We (CompuThon) handle all the paperwork, including calculating and collecting sponsor pledges.  Each sponsor is sent a personal computerized "Thank You" note identifying the participant, number of laps completed and the pledge amount.  Your sponsors simply mail in their paid pledge to your group in the enclosed pre-addressed return envelope.

What has made SuperThons so successful is our unique processing, collection, and tabulating systems.  Collections using the mail is the real key for this great program's success.   We eliminate the accounting, tabulating and collection nightmares.  We take the handling of all monies away from the students and teachers.  We make it fast and simple.  Full accounting and complete computer reports detailing your results are included

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