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. . . . . Why Choose CompuThon . . . . .


CompuThon guides you in planning your entire event. We have an easy to work with, step-by-step approach and toll-free telephone support consultation. Any time you have a question or need help, just pick up the phone and call.

CompuThon assists you in organizing an exciting SuperThon kick-off for your group to generate interest and enthusiasm among your participants. The entire event is explained, and sponsor cards and promotional materials are distributed.

CompuThon helps you conduct your SuperThon.

CompuThon pays all up-front expenses.

CompuThon handles all administration, paperwork and accounting. Complete computer reports are sent to you detailing your groupís results with individualized reporting of participants, sponsors and grades, teams or clubs.

CompuThon contacts all sponsors by mail after your event is over. Our unique, fast and super accurate computerized method of thanking sponsors for their support helps most groups collect from 70% to 90% of all pledges. Each sponsor receives a statement for their tax-deductible paid pledge.

CompuThon also provides two-mailers for contacting out-of-town sponsors to increase your groupís results.

CompuThon is dedicated to giving your group total professional service from initial planning right through to a successful conclusion.

Results: SuperThons produce outstanding, consistent results year after year. No other fundraiser product, program or service can match the profit your group can make with a SuperThon.

Service: CompuThon is dedicated to providing our customers with world-class customer service. Weíve made your customer care representatives available from early morning (before school starts) to late in the evening (after the board meeting). Call us anytime -- itís toll free 1-800-327-0322.  A friendly, real person will answer your call (no phone menus).

We will continue to strive to make SuperThons your first choice for the best fundraising program, available with "the more money for your group guarantee" , and the friendliest, finest customer service in the world.

Fun: SuperThons are simply the greatest and easiest fundraiser there is. Kids, teachers, coaches, principals, and parents have a blast. This is one fundraiser youíll enjoy chairing this year and look forward to chairing again next year.

CompuThon is the #1 "THON" company in America.  Being #1 and staying #1 requires that we do a better job than anyone else. Providing the best results for you and the best service to you and making it the most fun for your group is what will keep you voting us #1.

If youíve already checked out our site, then you know what all the buzz is about. If you havenít, what are you waiting for?

Sign up your Group up for a SuperThon Today!

It all starts with a sponsor card

Sponsors enter their names, addresses and how much they wish to pledge.

Collections are the key for any "THON". SuperThons use a state of the art billng and collection system to insure speed, accuracy and the highest collections possible.

SuperThons use a "sponsor friendly" thank you letter that provides all information and includes a return pre-addressed return envelope.

A Group's favorite picture --- Another Pledge Payment!

On behalf of your group, we collect all payments.  We automate the processing so that all pledge payments are processed within 24 hours of receipt.

SuperThon results are published for you in an easy to read reports. Reports are published every three weeks and of couse more immediate updates are always available.



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